Hi, we’re Total Design Works - a print and
web design agency in East London.

Our mission is to make your business shine
with beautiful design.

From concept to creation, we deliver high-quality
work with a big impact.

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What do we do?

Our full range of design services take the hassle out of your projects.

You’re busy being great at your business, and you can’t waste time managing designers, printers and distributors.

From logo design and branding to responsive website design, our creative team have got you covered.

Whether you need digital design or printed products, we deliver on time, on budget and on trend.

We’re always led by you, and what works for your target market.

And we’ve got technical brains too, so we’re comfortable with coding and great at the geeky stuff.

So, attract more customers, build your brand and boost your reputation with our designs.

And check out our services to see how we can help.

Why choose Total Design Works?

Your project needs real results.

Our team of experts understand all aspects of branding, design and print.

But above all, we understand business - and the need to impress your market.

That’s why we can guide you through our full range of design services, from digital to print.

And why we consistently get five-star reviews online.

Because we build lasting relationships with clients.

From websites and WordPress design and development to social media and stationery branding, we deliver quality.

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