World Cup Supplement

The Brief

The Mirrorpix team at Reach Plc wanted us to put together a 64pp + 4pp cover supplement for the up and coming football World Cup in Russia. There had to be two different covers to appease both the national and international audience that they was selling to.

The Solution

We created an A4 title with a red, white and blue colour pallet to fall in line with the colours from the Russian national flag whilst combing a Russian themed font that was used in touches alongside a strong sans serif typeface throughout. The national cover had the England captain as the main focal point whilst in turn the international cover followed an almost identical style but with a focus on the previous World Cup winners Germany.

What our clients are saying...

“Working with Total Design Works on the Daily Mirror’s guide to the 2018 World Cup was a pleasure. Stewart was an excellent designer, creating visually engaging pages adhering to an eye-catching overall style, reflecting accomplished art direction. This complemented hard-working copy to deliver a highly effective mass-market product. All design, layout, and proofing was completed to testing deadlines and very well organised by Total Design Works, so that a number of stakeholders including managing editorial, writers, image agencies etc. were fully integrated into the process from conception to print sign off. I would recommend Total Design Works services unreservedly.”

Adam Powley
Sports Editor

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